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How to Develop Your Alarm Clock

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How to Develop Your Alarm Clock | R&D | OEM Manufacturer


We offer a package that helps entrepreneurs and brands develop their private products at an affordable cost with limited lead time.


Package includes:

3D Mechanical Drawing x1 (Via CREO)
Collections of Materials x1
3D Print Prototype x1
Bill Of Materials x1
Mould Plan x1
Mould Maker Site Visit for First Shot x1
Mould Maker Site Visit for Completion x1
Engineer Sample x1
Packaging Die-Cut Drawing x1
Factory Production Site Visit for Pilot Run x1
Factory Site Visit for Inspection x1
Laboratory Regulations (Lab Tests) Suggestion x1

One-Stop Solution makes your idea to product trouble-free.

We are different from the freelancers on the platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. They are individuals and part-time who are great at 3D modeling; however, they do not have the experience to become a sellable commodity. Our starting point is always to make the products that can be mass-produced and sold in retail chain stores. Materials, Regulations, Unit Price, Manufacture efficiency, and supply chain are the factors that shall consider before kick-off.

An outstanding balance of Mechanical and Aesthetics

Many one-way design houses in the market only pay attention to the appearance but ignore the feasibility of the production.
The traditional factory only understands the structure's reliability but ignores the product's aesthetic, making the product unsightly and lacking a selling point that could not sell. Channeltechz involves both aesthetics and feasibility to bring the product success on the market.

Trouble-Free Prototype Making

Building a 3D print is easy. What you need is to send the STP file to the workshop. Then you will gain the plastic pieces within 2-3 days. However, prototyping is ten times harder than that. First of all, ChannelTechz will prepare a BOM list for different materials, including PCB, Elecontincis components, modules, and metal pieces. Following this, double-check the structure of the STP drawing to make sure all the components can fit into the 3D print pieces. Finally, our engineers will assemble all the parts to become presentable and functional prototypes.

Split up products and find the suitable suppliers

After the design procedures, generating a BOM for building samples is the next step. ChannelTechz will split the products into components and talk to the suppliers already in the supply chains or search for entirely new materials suppliers. Only the supplier available for mass production will be selected. ChannelTechz will call samples from them.

Packaging and Retail Box Design Assistance

Each product has its suitable packaging. To upgrade the integrity of the product, ChannelTechz shall recommend packaging ideas according to product characteristics to design the box structures and provide Die-Cut drawings.

Who we are

Channeltechz was established in 2004, with More than 12 years of experience as an OEM supplier. With expertise in different Types of clocks including Table Clock, Twin Bell Clock, Cuckoo Clock, Digital, Wall Clock, Kids Clock, Sleep Trainer, LED Clock, Pendulum, and Wooden Clock.

♥ Our services

1. Sample can be provided.

2. Small volume orders accepted.

3. OEM and ODM are welcome.

4. All of our products included Packaging

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