12 inches Cool Wall Clock W111

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12 inches Cool Wall Clock W111 | MFG Manufacturing

Sweep movement large wall clock

Precise quartz Sweep movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment, great suitable wall clocks for bedroom, kitchen, meeting room, and any other places which need a silent environment.

Outdoor wall clocks

Our photo wall clock is an accurate timekeeper that’s also a true piece of artwork. This wall clock will complement any contemporary, modern, or traditional home decor.

Mechanical wall clock

The Cool wall clocks is made of acrylic and printed with HD painting with high quality materials, which are lighter than glass. It is durable and lightweight, with silicone edging strips. Amazing large wall clocks for the living room!

Custom wall clocks for sale!

Our decorative wall clock price is low. However Cheap wall clock is also a designer clock. The clock in the wall presents the accurate time and also It is your stylish wall clock.


This modern clocks Back slot design offers easy installation, with 1 hook included.

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